About border poetics key terms

The Border Poetics key terms is intended as a resource for scholars and students working with borders, border processes, representation, aesthetics and literature.

The site also includes a discussion forum for border poetics. To contribute to this you must join the site by creating an account. Anybody can read the discussion and subscribe to it using its feed-icon-14x14.png RSS feed.

This list of terms was originally developed by Heidi Isaksen in consultation with Johan Schimanski and Stephen Wolfe. It is now being further developed by the border poetics working group at the University of Tromsø: Anne Heith, Tanya Kudryavtseva, Ruben Moi, Holger Pötzsch, Tim Saunders, Johan Schimanski, Stephen Wolfe. Editorial responsibility: Johan Schimanski and Stephen Wolfe. Thanks to Holger Pötzsch for helping us migrate to the present wiki application.

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